cake project

“Make your celebration so beautiful that even the cake is in tiers”.


For custom cake enquiries:


is a project that we started in the hopes of contributing to people’s special occasion through beautiful and delicious cakes. we take what people want for the design and we are passionate in making the most delicious cake possible.

our cake comes in a 4-layer 7″ inch size that is ideal to feed up to 15 people.

our best selling design. filled with delicious pandan sponge and tropical coconut buttercream.

the best thing about this type of cake is that you won’t be able to guess what the flavour inside is! this one is a delicious black sesame cake.

is it buttercream or watercolour painting? we like to think it’s a bit of both! to those who like to keep it simple but want a bit of oomph.

we don’t do red velvet cake often. but we do take custom cake orders. so when our cake-eaters are after red velvet, we give ’em red velvet.

Another one of our best selling design, with one of our best seller flavour inside (matcha black sesame).

and surprise, surprise! filled with pink marble candy for a gender reveal party. it’s a girl!

oh hey rudolph! a scrumptious chocolate baileys cake for the child spirit in every adult’s heart. don’t worry, this cake won’t make you tipsy, just enough flavour to get the party going.

50 shades of pink, grey and gold. vanilla white chocolate is definitely a delicious combo. simple, but sometimes simplicity is really the key to true elegance. and deliciousness.

and behold! our best seller: matcha black sesame flavour. is it the green that makes us feel like we’re eating salad? or the slight matcha bitterness that makes this cake extra exceptional?

And this is just like it’s neighbour, roided with a bit extra decor on top. This cake has a custom flavour of orange poppyseed. And a request of making it extra golden with additional cake topper.

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