“wok this way”

Growing up, I was not a fan of Chinese food or almost any Asian food for that matter. Except for Indonesian. Heck I didn’t even like Yum Cha with my family every Sunday morning. But going to Sydney helped me appreciate Asian cooking. Thanks to the ubiquity of authentic, scrumptious Thai food. The depth of flavour and the amount of spices blew me away.


“high expect-asians”

I had gone with an Indonesian inspired menu at the last pop-up. So this time I’ve decided to do a menu with influence coming from Asia in general. Inspiration for this pop-up comes from flavours you can get in Thai food, Indonesian food and Singaporean. 

Let me take you on a little journey around South East Asia through the menu!



If you’ve ever heard of Martin Solveig, then you’ve probably heard of one of his popular mix Intoxicated. And that’s the origin of the title. I’d like to intoxicate my guests with Indonesian cuisine in dishes they’ve never seen before.

Indonesian cuisine is much more than Nasi Goreng, Chicken Satay and Beef Rendang. It is greatly varied by region and has many different influences. We’ve got influence from the Middle East, India and even China. I was born in Indonesia and I grew up in the capital city, and even I don’t know the whole picture of Indonesian cuisine.

Collaborating with KIN by US, owned by a couple (the Mrs., half-Indonesian), I tried to create a menu that is inspired by Indonesian flavour. It’s not necessarily traditional Indonesian dishes done with modern techniques, but some of it has totally different ingredients from the original recipe.